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    Our ready made curtains collection contains classic weaves and contemporary prints, featuring florals, stripes, geometrics and textures, in elegant eyelet and relaxed modern pencil pleats. Crafted from superior quality fabrics and linings for quality you can trust. It’s amazing what curtains can do to a room. It’s time to refresh and renew your windows by dressing them with our range of pencil and eyelet style curtains.Our curtain range begins with our classic designs in timeless florals and luxury jacquards to suit a more traditional living space. If you’re opting for a more contemporary style, our range also features geometric patterns and checkered fabrics which will give your lounge a modern finish. For those looking for a glamorous and feminine finish, our best-selling crushed velvet curtains are available with an eyelet header in a range of muted to vibrant colours to complete any opulent boudoir to perfection. When it comes to our little one’s bedrooms, our total blackouts are the ideal solution. In a range of colours and eyelet and pencil pleat tape headings, these total blackout curtains have temperature regulating properties which block out disruptive noise and light to get them off to sleep soundly. Our curtains come in a variety of colours; whether you want blue curtains, silver curtains or even orange curtains, Julian Charles are here to make sure there is an assortment of colours to perfectly sit with your existing home decor. Matching accessories such as cushions, duvet covers, throws and pillowcases can coordinate your curtains, whichever style you choose. 

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    Show your windows some love with our stunning ready made curtains.

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  • Eyelet Curtains

    Our luxury eyelet curtains can add instant and effortless style to your home. Available in a variety of contemporary colours, patterns and finishes, this range will add a touch of class and modern-chic to any room. Easy to hang, these ready-made drapes offer a quick and simple way to rejuvenate your interior decor. Simply interweave the row of eyelets over a curtain pole to give your room an instant makeover. Allowing for deeper, wider folds than the traditional designs, the eyelets complement any living space and make an impactful style statement. While we have a variety of designs on offer, these headings often lend themselves to modern prints and finishes. Whether you want to inject a vibrant splash of colour into a room, create a cool and calming effect with natural tones, or opt for a sophisticated, timeless look, we offer a range of styles to suit all tastes and preferences including crushed velvet curtains and thermal blackout curtains. Adding to the contemporary effect, the luxury eyelet curtains themselves are available in either brushed or polished metal. Matching accessories, including duvets covers, cushions, pillowcases and throws are available if you want to achieve the coordinated finish. We also offer a variety of pelmets, valances and tiebacks to match.To ensure you get the perfect eyelet curtains to suit your home and personal taste, our products are available in a selection of weights, widths and drops. Whether you’re looking for your own bedroom, a children’s room or the living room, our versatile eyelet drapes are guaranteed to enhance the interior of your home, buy eyelet curtains today. 

    Eyelet Curtains

    Incredibly easy to hang with a clean contemporary look.

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  • Pencil Pleat Curtains

    Add instant luxury to your living space, our traditional pencil pleat curtains could be just what you’re looking for. Available in a range of stunning colours, styles and finishes, these elegant curtains will complement any living space interior. Pencil pleat headings can be used on either a track or a pole, depending on your personal preference. Producing a neat row of deep folds with an elegant drape, the pleat finish gives off an air of splendour that is guaranteed to make an impactful style statement and enhance the interior of your home. While pencil pleat styles are often coupled with traditional prints and patterns, we also offer a number of contemporary finishes if you want to give your home a fresh, ultra-modern look. As well as solid colour finishes, many of our pencil pleat curtains have tapestry prints, creating a rich, textured look and feel that adds instant warmth. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that these classic curtains will remain in vogue for years to come. If you are looking to create a sophisticated look that exudes timeless appeal, pencil pleats are sure to enhance the decor of any room. To complete the look of luxury, our quality curtains come with a variety of coordinating accessories, including matching bedding, cushions and throws. We also offer a variety of matching valances, pelmets and tiebacks. To ensure you get the perfect set to match your home decor, we offer a selection of weights, widths and drops, for added versatility. 

    Pencil Pleat Curtains

    Pull the strings to achieve the desired amount of gather and fullness.

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  • Thermal Curtains

    Ideal for all year around, our range of thermal coated curtains will also keep the drafts out and the heat in. Coated in a thermal treatment, these curtains have been specifically designed to regulate heat distribution, keeping your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Many of our thermal curtains also have blackout properties, with thick luxurious lining to ensure there is no intrusive light or noise disruption at any time of day. The luxury lining of our blackout curtains also gives them a striking full look, to create a real focal eye-catching point and practical touch in the living space. With their thermal properties, these luxury curtains are ideal for children’s bedrooms or living rooms where there is a large space that must be kept warm. Choose from an eyelet or pencil pleat tape heading. 

    Thermal Curtains

    Coated in a thermal treatment to keep the drafts out and the heat in.

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  • Blackout Curtains

    With longer days, lighter nights and varying temperatures, our blackout curtains are an ideal solution for kids bedrooms and light sleepers, providing the perfect setting for a great nights sleep.  Enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted night's sleep with our blackout curtains crafted to ensure complete darkness and privacy. The luxury lining of our blackout curtains also gives them a striking full look, to create a real focal eye-catching point and practical touch in the living space. Plus, their special coating is designed to regulate heat distribution, keeping your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Choose from an eyelet or pencil pleat tape heading and coordinating square cushions and tie backs to complete the whole look. 

    Blackout Curtains

    Blocks out unwanted light and helps maintain room temperature.

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  • Velvet Curtains

    Discover a luxuriously contemporary feel for your home with our opulent crushed velvet curtains offering shimmering texture and elegant drape for the perfect centre piece. Crushed velvet is the trend of the moment and perfect for anyone looking to add a hint of glamour to a living space. In a range of complimentary muted colours to bright and vibrant colour pops, our best-selling crushed velvet curtains are all available with eyelet headings to aid in their delicate drape. Think Hollywood glamour meets 1920’s Art Deco, these curtains can be beautifully complimented with silver chrome or satin finish curtain poles with opulent finials from crystal to understated silver balls.Crafted from beautifully textured luxury crushed velvet fabrics in an array of opulent colour palettes including silver, mauve, natural and charcoal, our exquisite drapes are perfect for creating an eye-catching and elegant living space. Let the shimmering light reflect off the velvet around the room to create an opulent yet elegant centrepiece in the home all from our luxurious collection. Indulge your windows with our luxury crushed velvet curtains and give your living space that truly decadent Hollywood glamour finish. Complete the look with our crushed velvet duvet covers, throws and scatter cushions, the perfect finishing touch.  

    Velvet Curtains

    Get the glam look with these indulgently soft crushed velvet curtains.

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  • Made to Measure Curtains

    No matter the look or size of your room window, we offer bespoke curtains tailored to your specific measurements hand made just for you in the UK. Order a free swatch sample online to make sure you’re getting the perfect fabric for your home. Choose from a comprehensive range of high-quality fabrics in a variety of stylish patterns and colours and add optional Blackout or Thermal linings for the finish you desire. As our Made to Measure curtains are custom made products, you can ensure you provide us with accurate measurements by using our Measuring Guide. 

    Made to Measure Curtains

    Can't find what you're looking for? Discover bespoke curtains hand made just for you in the UK.

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  • Voile Curtains & Nets

    Voile curtains are a stylish and practical addition to your home, characterised by their sheerness, which diffuses light as it enters a room. Voiles create a softer light and a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Traditional net curtains are usually made to measure to suit your windows. Voile curtains are available as single panels, usually in several different sizes. You can use longer lengths to create an attractive feature on patio and french doors. Increased privacy is one of the main practical benefits of voiles and nets. Nobody wants passers-by looking into their homes, which can often feel like an invasion of privacy. Net curtains and voile panels offer a solution to this whilst still allowing light into the room, which is especially important for properties whose windows look directly out onto a street. Net and voile curtains can also help keep a room cooler in the summer months, reducing the intensity of sunlight entering a room. Not only does this keep the room cooler, but it can also protect fabrics, furniture and even house plants from sun damage. If you put voile or net curtains over an open patio or french doors in summer, you can keep unwanted flies and insects out of your home while also staying cool indoors. Net curtains and voile panels traditionally came in neutral colours like white and cream. Nowadays, voiles and net curtains come in an incredible range of colours and designs. There is a voile or net out there to suit your interior design tastes, from spots to stripes, florals to geometrics. They also come in a wide variety of fabric thickness, so if you want increased privacy or your windows receive much sun, you can choose a thicker voile. Voile curtains and nets are usually paired with a pair of lined curtains to provide a complimentary window dressing. With a wide range of ready made curtain colours and styles available and an equally wide range of voile curtains and nets out there, you can make a style statement with your windows! Here at Julian Charles, we offer an extensive range of quality curtains. If you like a bit of glamour and a lot of crushed velvet, we have you covered with our stunning Allure crushed velvet curtains. If you’re struggling to sleep due to brighter mornings and evenings, our Luna blackout curtains are perfect for a great night's sleep. Whatever your taste or needs, we have great value curtains which will make you smile. Pair your new curtains with some voile curtains or net curtains to treat your window to a brand new outfit. 

    Voile Curtains & Nets

    A stylish and practical addition to your home, diffusing light as it enters a room.

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  • Curtain Poles

    Our curtain poles come in a range of finishes and designs, with matching holdbacks sold separately.

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About Our Ready Made Curtains

Add depth, texture and style to your room with our luxury curtains in sumptuous fabrics and exquisite designs. Choose elegant eyelet for a relaxed modern look or pencil pleat for a timeless and more defined finish. If you are looking for practicality as well as style, our blackout and thermal curtains are perfect for creating a cosy retreat and eliminating intrusive light whilst also reducing noise. Perfect for your living room or bedroom, our ready made curtains offer a one-stop solution for dressing your windows with style. Made from a variety of luxury fabrics, our drapes exude elegance and style and are guaranteed to bring any room to life.

Whatever your individual style preference, we offer a range of designs, fabrics, colours and prints to suit all tastes. Choose from our easy-hang eyelet headings for a contemporary look and feel, or opt for our more traditional pencil pleat design to add timeless appeal to your home. We also offer specialist thermal and blackout curtains, designed to regulate the temperature of the room, reduce noise and block out light to help you get a restful night’s sleep. To add a finishing touch to your windows, we have a selection of tiebacks, pelmets and valances in a variety of styles and colours. Many of our curtains are also available with coordinating accessories such as matching cushions. With our easy-to-use filter toolbar, shopping for your new curtains couldn't be easier.

Choose from an assortment of colours, headings, designs and materials to find the perfect set to blend seamlessly with your existing decor. What’s more, our simple buying guide can help you when measuring to ensure you achieve the perfect width, drop and weight to match your living space. Whether you want shabby-chic, fresh and lively, or warm and glamorous, our versatile range of curtains online are sure to make a real style statement.

Need help measuring for curtains? Read our guide: How do I measure for ready made curtains?