Collection: Voile Curtains & Nets

Voile curtains are a stylish and practical addition to your home, characterised by their sheerness, which diffuses light as it enters a room.

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Voiles create a softer light and a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Traditional net curtains are usually made to measure to suit your windows. Voile curtains are available as single panels, usually in several different sizes. You can use longer lengths to create an attractive feature on patio and french doors.

Increased privacy is one of the main practical benefits of voiles and nets. Nobody wants passers-by looking into their homes, which can often feel like an invasion of privacy. Net curtains and voile panels offer a solution to this whilst still allowing light into the room, which is especially important for properties whose windows look directly out onto a street.

Net and voile curtains can also help keep a room cooler in the summer months, reducing the intensity of sunlight entering a room. Not only does this keep the room cooler, but it can also protect fabrics, furniture and even house plants from sun damage. If you put voile or net curtains over an open patio or french doors in summer, you can keep unwanted flies and insects out of your home while also staying cool indoors.

Net curtains and voile panels traditionally came in neutral colours like white and cream. Nowadays, voiles and net curtains come in an incredible range of colours and designs. There is a voile or net out there to suit your interior design tastes, from spots to stripes, florals to geometrics. They also come in a wide variety of fabric thickness, so if you want increased privacy or your windows receive much sun, you can choose a thicker voile.

Voile curtains and nets are usually paired with a pair of lined curtains to provide a complimentary window dressing. With a wide range of ready made curtain colours and styles available and an equally wide range of voile curtains and nets out there, you can make a style statement with your windows!

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