Curtain Buying Guide

Curtain Buying Guide

How to measure for curtains

Our ready-made curtains come in a variety of sizes to accommodate to your home and needs. 

We don't do every single size in every style so if you know the size you want it would be best to use the handy filters on our website. 

Santa Maria Flamingo Floral Eyelet Curtains

It's important that you measure your window carefully and correctly, to avoid buying the wrong width or drop of curtain.

If you are going to be using an existing track or pole, you can start by measuring this. Measure the total width of the track or pole (excluding the finials) rather than measuring the window. 

If you are planning on buying a new fixture, you should do this first and then fit it before starting to measure up for curtains. As a guide, your pole or track should be positioned 15cm (6 inches) above your chosen window and continue 15-20cm (6-8 inches) beyond either side of the window.

Curtain buying guide


Finding the right curtain width

If your pole measures 229cm (90 inches) wide, then go for curtains that are specified as 229cm (90 inches) wide and you will have enough fabric to cover your window nicely. 

This is because, to achieve a full pleated effect with a nice full gather for your curtains, the fabric needs to be 2 x wider than the length of your pole.

All our curtains come in pairs, and the size displayed is per panel so you shouldn't have to do any working out to achieve this. 

If you have your measurements but are not sure which width you need please do not hesitate to contact us for some assistance. 


Finding the right curtain length

Always start your measurement from the top of the track or pole. 

If you are measuring the required length for pencil pleat curtains measure from where the curtains will hang from. For example, the small 'eye' at the bottom of the hook or ring. 

You will need to decide where you want your curtains to fall to, options are window sill length, below window sill length and floor length. Think about if you want the curtains to cover your radiator, as this can sometimes cause you to lose heat out of the window. 


 Curtain Buying Guide


Choosing a Header Type

Pencil pleat and eyelet are the most common type of heading for a curtain; our ready-made curtains come in either pencil pleat or eyelet as standard. Pencil pleat lends itself to more traditional designs and styles, while eyelets are more often seen coupled with contemporary prints and patterns.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains can be used on either a curtain pole or track. The curtains attach to rings or hooks that then attach to the pole or track. The name pencil pleat comes from the pleat finish, as it is reminiscent of a row of pencils stacked tightly together in a vertical row. When you receive your curtains you will need to tie and pull your pleats to create your desired look. 

Read more about here > How To Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

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Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains can only be used with a curtain pole. The eyelets slide on to the pole creating a repeat of s-shaped folds. Eyelets come in a variety of finishes, usually polished or brushed metal, completing the contemporary look and feel. The eyelets on our curtains are 4cm in diameter so any pole that is 3.5cm or less would be suitable. 

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Choose your lining

All of our curtains come lined as standard however some of our curtains have special features that may be more suitable. 


Luna Navy Blue Luxury Thermal Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtains (Pair)

Our Luna curtains have a specially formulated coating on the reverse, designed to block out intrusive light. Our Blackout Curtains are an ideal solution for kids bedrooms and light sleepers, providing the perfect setting for a great nights sleep. 

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Buxton Teal Eyelet Thermal Curtains (Pair)

Our Buxton range has been crafted using a textured thermal fabric blend which has been specially developed to regulate heat distribution. This feature helps to keep your room cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. 

Shop our Thermal Curtains >

Whether you are looking for curtains for the living room, bedroom or dining room, we’re sure you’ll find a perfect pair with our choice of styles, colours and patterns.

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