Breathe Easy with Air for Life

Experience the ultimate in air purification with Air for Life, a leader in innovative air sanitation technology. Our state-of-the-art air sanitizers are designed to effectively remove pollutants, allergens, and harmful microbes, ensuring that every breath you take is clean and healthy.


What does it do?

The Technology inside Air For Life Sanifiers

Air For Life products use a special process called ionise hydroperoxides to clean the air you breathe. This filterless technology, not only prevents the spread of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and dust but also destroys them at source.
The AFL PLASMA® technology works with, the NASA developed AFLPCO® technology to break the components into non toxic
negative ions leaving the room feeling fresh.

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Clearing the Air: Your Questions Answered

What proprietary technology developed by Air For Life originated from NASA, and how is it revolutionizing the air purification industry?

Air For Life uses a proprietary technology called AFLPCO® (Advanced Fotocatalytic Oxidation) Technology, originally developed by NASA. This technology is designed to effectively destroy harmful microorganisms and pollutants in the air.

How do Air For Life's air purifiers benefit people with allergies and asthma according to their website?

The air purifiers from Air For Life are beneficial for people with allergies and asthma because they remove allergens and pollutants from the air, helping to alleviate symptoms and improve breathing conditions.

Can you list some of the specific types of air purifiers and related products offered by Air For Life as featured on their homepage?

According to the Air For Life website, what commitment has the company made towards improving indoor air quality and reducing respiratory diseases?

Air For Life is committed to improving indoor air quality and reducing respiratory diseases by providing advanced air purification solutions that help remove airborne pollutants and pathogens.