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We're celebrating 75 years of Julian Charles and are proud to have been the Heart of Your Home since 1947!

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    We’ll have lots of exciting things going on, so be sure to check back to make sure you don’t miss out.

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    To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we're taking a look back at our history, and how we got to where we are today by evolving with the trends and styles of each generation

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  • Duvet Covers & Sets

    Available in an array of stunning colours, patterns, and fabrics, our high-quality Duvet Covers & Sets can transform the look of your bedroom in an instant. Crafted using only the finest materials, our bedding sets are soft and sumptuous, helping you drift off into a deep and peaceful slumber. We also offer an extensive selection of quality Jacquard duvet covers, perfect for adding an opulent look to your room. If you're seeking something a little simpler, we also stock a wide range of plain duvet sets. 

    Duvet Covers & Sets

    Stylish designs made with quality in mind, why not treat your bed to a makeover.

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  • Duvets

    Duvets so soft you won't ever want to get up. Sleep in pure comfort Our sumptuous duvets, pillows, toppers and protectors partner perfectly with our luxurious linens and offer exceptional value with no compromise on the superior quality synonymous with Julian Charles. Duvets are synonymous with comfort, warmth and indulgence, and at Julian Charles, we provide premium quality feather and down filled duvets that beg to be curled up under. We also offer a superb range of microfibre filled models that provide warmth without weighing you down. Anti-allergenic, microfibre bedding is particularly good for asthma sufferers and people who are sensitive to dust mites and other allergens. Whatever filling you choose, we have a size to suit most beds. Whether you're looking for a single, double, king size or superking duvet, we can help. When it comes to getting the temperature right, we've got you covered too. With togs of 10.5 and 13.5, we have bedding options to meet your needs all year round. If you want to achieve the full 'brand-new' effect, why not invest in some new pillows, duvet covers and pillowcases too? With our extensive selection of bedding options available online, you can refresh your bed today without leaving the house. 


    Duvets so soft you won't ever want to get up. Sleep in pure comfort.

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  • Pillows

    Rest your head on our wide selection of soft, quality pillows. From luxurious goose feather and down to memory foam, satin trimmed and bounce back support, find the perfect pillow for your desired nights sleep. There's nothing quite like laying your head down at the end of a long day when you have the perfect pillow.  If you're looking to replace a tired pillow, there's a wide range of options on the market these days. Memory foam is much-talked about in the world of soft furnishings and if you want to upgrade your existing pillow, it is well worth considering. Originally designed for NASA airplane seats in the 1960s, this highly energy-absorbent and soft material moulds to the shape of your body, providing high levels of comfort. A memory foam pillow is a great option if you prefer soft to medium support pillows. Many people swear by feather pillows. These products are long-lasting, easy to care for and offer great support. They are also lightweight and highly transportable. If you're a fan of feathers, look no further than our fantastic goose down pillows. Striking the perfect balance between softness and support, these superior products are the last word in night time comfort. With the number of allergy sufferers on the rise, more and more people are seeking solutions to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay. If you're one of these individuals, our anti allergy pillows may be of interest to you. Filled with hollowfibre material, they offer a great solution for anyone looking for a more hygienic sleep. Why not combine your pillow purchase with a set of pillow protectors? Pillow protectors offer help to protect against bacteria and dust mites, for a healthier night’s sleep. 


    Offered in a range of supports, rest your head in comfort for a peaceful night's sleep.

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  • Mattress Protectors & Toppers

    Give your bed a new lease of life with our range of soft, cushioning and body moulding protectors and enhancers. Perfect for keeping your bed in great condition and offer an extra layer of comfort. For enhanced comfort and extended durability, choose from our range of plush, velvety protectors and toppers. Designed to mould to your shape and keep your bed looking and feeling like new for longer, they can help you to enjoy a superb sleeping experience year after year. Our selection includes pillow protectors, mattress protectors and mattress toppers in a range of styles, including waterproof, anti-allergy and quilted designs. They also come in a variety of sizes, including standard, single, double, king size and super king, so whether you’re shopping for a pillow protector for a single room or a mattress protector for a master suite, you can find something that fits the bill. All of our products are discreet, effective and breathable and are crafted using high quality materials so you can rely on them for a healthier, more refreshing night’s rest. At Julian Charles, we pride ourselves on offering superior grade products at affordable prices. That’s why, you’ll find that when you shop for mattress and pillow enhancers with us, you’ll get fantastic value for your money. Give yourself and your family the comfort you deserve and help your mattresses and pillows stay in tip top condition by shopping our collection today. 

    Mattress Protectors & Toppers

    Add comfort and prolong the life of your mattress with our range of toppers and protectors.

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  • Bed Sheets

    Exquisite high thread count weaves throughout our fitted, flat and valance sheets with superior quality you can trust. Bed sheets can often come down to personal preference; whether you are looking for fitted, deep fitted, flat or valance sheets, Julian Charles have an extensive range of bed sheets just for you. If you like to create perfectly folded military corners than a flat sheet will be perfect for you, giving you the option to tuck it tightly and neatly under your mattress. Or choose a fitted sheet which offers elasticated corners to stretch over your mattress tightly with no extra fabric hanging over. And opt for a valance sheet under your mattress to cover the base of your bed only, giving you a lovely drop to the floor. Our sheets come in a range of fabrics which are beautifully soft to touch and breathable with a clean crisp feel. Our vast range of sheet colours mean you can complement or contrast with your bedding and duvet covers.  We also have a wide variety of matching pillowcases that co-ordinate nicely with your chosen and preferred bed sheet, in an array of colours. We also offer a selection of beautifully soft brushed cotton sheets, perfect for those colder nights! 

    Bed Sheets

    Beautifully soft sheets in a wide range of colours and fabrics.

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  • Pillowcases

    Lay your head down in luxury with our extensive range of beautiful pillowcases. We have a variety of designs, patterns and colours to choose from so you're sure to find a style that suits your personal taste. The housewife pillowcase is excellent choice if you want your pillow to fill all of the fabric. The oxford pillowcase, meanwhile, has an elegant fabric border, which creates a luxurious and lavish effect. Take your pick from our selection of high quality fabrics, including cotton, poly viscose, poly cotton and polyester. We also help you to find your optimal comfort level by offering a range of thread counts, from 180 to 300.  We provide a range of duvet covers, throws, sheets and curtains that complement our pillowcase offerings superbly, so no matter what style you go for, you can complete the look and transform your bedroom without any hassle.  


    Rest your head on our wide selection of soft, quality pillowcases.

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