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Velvet is widely seen as one of the most opulent fabrics out there, with its incredibly soft and tactile feel giving it a sense of glamour. It's no surprise that the popularity of velvet and crushed velvet in soft furnishings is ever increasing. With a wide range of products available, including velvet bedding, velvet curtains, velvet cushions and velvet throws, you can turn your entire home into a velvet dream!

Velvet and crushed velvet have even made their way into some more significant items in the home. Velvet beds and velvet headboards have become an industry in themselves, whilst crushed velvet sofas and velvet corner sofas make up a big part of many retailers' ranges. A velvet bed can add a glamorous touch to your bedroom, especially when paired with a velvet headboard, velvet duvet set and velvet curtains. Crushed velvet is a reasonably heavy fabric which makes it perfect for curtains. Crushed velvet curtains hang and drape beautifully compared to cotton and polycotton curtains.

There are several different types of velvet. Crushed velvet is trendy. It has a crushed, mottled look that forces the pile in different directions or twisting the fabric's fibres when it's wet. Crushed velvet catches and reflects light exceptionally well, making it shimmer and shine for a glamorous appearance. This is why crushed velvet is a popular fabric choice for crushed velvet curtains, crushed velvet beds, crushed velvet bedding and crushed velvet cushions and throws. Crushed velvet curtains are available in a wide range of colours; however, silver tends to be the most popular. Silver crushed velvet curtains seem to shimmer that little bit more, adding a real focal point to your room.

Matt velvet is another popular type of velvet. Unlike crushed velvet, matte velvet doesn't catch the light, meaning it has a flat appearance, offering a more muted and contemporary look. Matt velvet curtains have become increasingly popular over the years. Traditionally presented in classic colours such as cream and grey, matte velvet curtains are now popping up in a wide range of contemporary fashion colours like navy blue, emerald green and even rich ochre. Navy matt velvet curtains and green matte velvet curtains have become two of the most popular colours, as popularity for matte velvet sofas in these colours has increased dramatically. A navy velvet sofa paired with navy velvet curtains creates a contemporary statement look.

Here at Julian Charles, we are velvet obsessed! We created our Allure Crushed Velvet Collection to showcase the beauty of crushed velvet. Available in the range, we have crushed velvet curtains, crushed velvet throws and crushed velvet cushions in a wide range of colours. We also created our Matte Curtain Collection, which features matte velvet curtains and matte velvet cushions. With velvet bedding also available, we have everything you need to create a statement velvet or crushed velvet look in your home. Whether it's downstairs or upstairs, we have you covered when it comes to velvet.

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