What Is Thread Count?

What Is Thread Count?

What even is thread count and can a tiny thread make a difference to our night’s sleep? When it comes to bedding it’s an important decision. We spend over a third of our lives lying in bed, so having fabulous fitted sheets, dreamy duvet covers, downy duvets and perfect pillows can really add up to great night’s sleep.

So how does thread count matter to your bedding?


Many assume that a thread count is a marketing ploy used by bedding manufacturers to make cotton sheets sound more luxurious. Whilst it is true ‘thread count’ has become a buzz word in luxury bedding, in actual fact thread count is a scientific term and there are certain standards on how threads can be counted.

In simple terms, a thread count is a measure of how many threads are in one square inch. Both the warp (vertical threads) and the weft (horizontal threads) are added up to determine the thread count of the sheet, duvet or pillowcase.

Thread count warp and weft

So, for example, a bed sheet with 150 length-wise threads woven with 150 width-wise threads would produce a thread count of 300. You may see thread count abbreviated to TC on your duvet cover packaging.

The finer threads that can be woven together, the softer the fabric will be. Cotton qualities offer a smoother, softer thread so it a great choice for a more comfortable sleep. 

Bed sheets

Here at Julian Charles we offer different ranges of bedding to suit a selection of household requirements and budgets. Our cotton rich range offers 180 thread count sheets in a selection of colours however we also offer a 300 thread count range in 100% cotton.

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