What Is Feels Like Down?

What Is Feels Like Down?

Our Feels Like Down range of duvets and pillows are crafted to mimic the sumptuous feel of real down, allowing for a sleep experience using synthetic materials that doesn’t compromise on luxury. 

Feels Like Down Duvet

Indulge in our luxurious hotel Feels Like Down quality duvets and pillows with 100% cotton covers which are beautifully soft and naturally breathable. 


Feels like down pillow

If you suffer from allergies, synthetic fillings should be your preferred option and natural feather fillings are best avoided. Man-made fillings such as hollowfibre and microfibre are non-allergenic by design.

Ethically Satisfying

Feels Like Down Hotel Side Sleeper Pillow - Medium/Firm Filling

For customers who hold ethical concerns about animal products, our feels like down range provide an excellent alternative to traditional down with no compromise on comfort.

Ranked Number 1 Pillow

Feels like down pillow

Discover the pillow ranked number 1 by Pillow Advisor

“Wow”... really does feel like a natural down pillow but at a synthetic pillow price. I could not be happier with it and will certainly be buying some more.” 

Explore our Feels Like Down Collection here.

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