On Trend: Highland Cow Home Decor

On Trend: Highland Cow Home Decor

Enter the Highland Cow trend, a celebration of rugged elegance and pastoral tranquility that is making its mark on the interior design world. The trend is particularly appealing to those who long for a touch of the wild within their domestic confines, as well as to city-dwellers seeking a rural escape, albeit in the form of decor. The Highland home encourages us to slow down, relish the small comforts, and appreciate the natural world – values that resonate deeply with a wide audience.


Start with kitchenware - the hub of many homes and a natural place to infuse a trend that emphasizes warmth and gathering. Look for sturdy, earth-toned ceramics with a hand-crafted feel; mugs, plates, and bowls adorned with Highland cow motifs effortlessly set the scene.


Highland Cow trend bedding is where the coziness goes up a notch. Create layers by adding faux fur cushions and textured throws alongside your Highland cow-themed bedding. This mix of textures will not only add depth to your sleep space but will also create a sensorial experience that feels luxurious and homely.

Decorative Homeware

Infuse your living space with the irresistible charm of quaint highland cow decor items that bring character and charm to your home.  

Cosy Cushions

Add comfort and rustic charisma to your living space with our Highland cow cushions. Designed to be the quintessential focal point, they bring a touch of countryside elegance to any room.

Candles and diffusers

Indulge in the charming allure that candles bring to any space. Now imagine if it's not just any candle but one graced with the whimsical beauty of a Meg Hawkins watercolour highland cow illustration — a true feast for the senses. 

Trends come and go, but the Highland cow seems to have charmed its way into many hearts, and likely to stay for a while. Whether you're drawn to its natural charm, its cosy warmth, or simply its stylish appeal, the Highland cow trend is a delightful way to add a touch of timeless tranquility to your modern home.

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