How To Prepare For Guests

How To Prepare For Guests

Having guests to stay doesn't need to be stressful, you can create an environment that makes guests feel welcome, comfortable and helps them to enjoy your company and your home.

Here are a few handy tips to help you get ready for guests.

First Impressions

Candles and diffusers

First impressions are key when you are welcoming someone into your home, your front door and the area around it is one of the first things they see. Try and de-clutter and make sure they can enter your home easily. Simple things like this can really make a difference. Also try and think about what your home smells like, open some windows prior to their arrival so the room can air out, light a few candles or incense, this will also make it feel more cosy, as well as make it smell wonderful.

Provide the necessities


Make sure you have towels visible and easily accessible for guests. You don't want to bump into them half naked in the hall way! Same goes for toilet roll, always make sure you have a few spare viable in the bathroom so it can be re-filled easily if you have a busy home while they are there.

A Clean and Tidy Home

Cleaning products

A clean and tidy home is a must, guests don't want to feel like there is no room for them in your home so get your Hinch on and make sure your home is ready for them to enjoy. Storage baskets are a perfect way of storing items away out of sight and keeping your house tidy. 

A Comfortable Sleep

Mattress topper

Spend the night in the bed and test how comfy it is, do you need to make it comfier? You could re-vamp an old tired mattress by adding a mattress topper. You could also treat your guests to a new duvet or pillow to make sure they are extra comfy.

Stock up

Christmas drink

Don't forget to stock up on food and drink! Why not find out what your guests favorite drink is so you can offer this on their arrival. This will show them you have made an effort and will hopefully appreciate your extra efforts.

We hope these tips make your guests feel at home, tell us in the comments if you have any more handy suggestions! 

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