How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

How to Incorporate Emerald Green into Your Home

One of the most popular ways to incorporate emerald green into your home is by adding an accent wall. However, if painting isn’t your thing, there are many other ways to bring this colour into your home. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use emerald homeware to spruce up any room of your house.

Accentuate your room with Emerald Curtains

Matte Velvet Emerald Green Eyelet Curtains (Pair)

Introducing luxurious emerald curtains to your space will not only create an instant transformation, but also leave a lasting impression. 

Adding Pops of Colour with Accessories

Emerald Cushions

Another great way to incorporate emerald into your home is by adding accessories such as cushions and throws. These are perfect for those who want to try out this trend without breaking the bank or repainting your home.

Investing in Emerald Furniture

Velvet Fringe Green Light Shade

Investing in furniture pieces in shades of emerald is another great way to embrace this trend. Whether it’s a sofa or light shade – there are plenty of options out there.

Fresh New Bedding

Topaz Emerald Green Luxury Jacquard Duvet Set

Who doesn’t like getting into fresh new bedding! Give your bedroom a vibrant makeover with a tantalizing touch of luxurious emerald green.

Whether you’re looking for small pops of color or something bolder and daring, there are plenty of options available for bringing this beautiful shade into any space. So don't be afraid to experiment and have fun! Shop the trend.

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