Duvet Buying Guide

Duvet Buying Guide

Choosing a new duvet doesn't have to be daunting. Some of us like a duvet that gently drapes over the body however, others like a heavier duvet that creates more of a cocoon-like, enveloping feeling. Both effects can be achieved with natural and synthetic duvets but allergies and natural body temperature also need to be considered when buying the perfect duvet.


Tog rating


Tog is often mistaken for weight. A high tog does not necessarily mean that the duvet is heavy, it simply means it will be more thermally efficient and keep your body at a warmer temperature.

Low togs like 4.5 and 7.5 are ideal for summer or those who have naturally warmer body temperatures whereas an extra warm tog such as 13.5 or 15 are intended for winter use or those who tend to feel the cold more than most. 10.5 tog is a good all-season duvet if you want to use the same duvet all year round.

Tog rating guide

Duvet tog ratings range from 1 tog  to 15 tog. The tog you need will depend on a range of factors such as season, preference and the age of the person using the duvet.

An adult will choose a tog rating based on personal choice and preference however younger children require specialised children's bedding with specific tog ratings depending on their age.

Filling - Natural or Synthetic?



If you are prone to allergies, synthetic fillings should be your preferred option and natural feather fillings avoided. Man-made fillings such as hollowfibre and microfibre are non-allergenic by design and tend to be lighter in weight. They also offer a practical alternative to natural fillings, as they can be laundered quickly and easily.

Feather & Down


Feather and down filled duvets tend to be heavier than synthetic-filled duvets, particularly those with a higher feather content. These duvets have great thermal properties and are naturally breathable, so are often preferred by those who feel the cold and like to create a tucked up feeling at night. 

Whatever filling and tog you choose we have duvets to suit your preference. If you're investing in a new duvet why not treat yourself to some new pillows as well to achieve the amazing sleep you deserve. 

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