Our New Spring Bedding Design!

Our New Spring Bedding Design!

Chosen for you by our stores

We are excited to share with you the face of our new spring bedding design, which was chosen for you by our store staff. The staff were given a number of designs to choose from and this one was a firm favourite!

Delicate detail featuring wisteria in a soft blues and lilac.

Design checks

Our designer Natalie checks the design against the initial brief to make sure the colours and printing look fantastic for the final product.

Quality Checks

Carolyn, our Head of Quality checked our first sample to make sure all the measurements, washability and printing are to our standards. This is done with every new product we design and create.

Being Photographed

Jim at the photography studio capturing the product so we can feature a photo on our packaging and website. Our photographers always take great care in creating an image that perfectly reflects the product.

The finished product! Our new spring bedding design and we absolutely love it, what do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

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