Creating Our Floral Bedding Design 'Becky'

Creating Our Floral Bedding Design 'Becky'

Our Becky Natural Floral 200 Thread Count 100% Cotton Duvet Set has been so popular we decided to show our customers how we produce a design from start to finish. Like many of our bedding designs, Becky was designed in the UK by our own in house designer.

Bedding designer sketching flowers

Before a design is created the product team brainstorm current trends and potential design ideas. Once our trends for the year have been decided our in-house designer Becky begins sketching pieces of artwork for the designs for the year to come. Becky was inspired by British wildflower trends that our customers always love and thought this design would look great in neutral tones.

Designer creating floral bedding design

Becky then scans her drawings into the computer so she can create a repeat pattern design and add different colorways to them to see which looks the best. 
The product team loved this design and wanted to make it super special for our customers, they decided it would be 100% cotton and a 200 thread count fabric to make it feel luxurious.

Comparing bedding samples with original design

Once the design is finalised a sample is produced. We then check this against our original design to make sure it is perfect. If we are happy with the sample we will go ahead and order enough for all our customers. 

Becky Natural Floral 200TC 100% Cotton Duvet Set

The bedding is then photographed in the studio. A cushion and matching throw is available with the Becky design so these are photographed on the bedding too, so the customer can see the finished look. 

Becky our designer with our Becky bedding

Our designer Becky loved this design so much the team decided to name it after her. So there you are, the finished Becky bedding with our very own designer Becky!

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